What is Fast-Phonics?

Fast-Phonics is an online course to teach you the proper sounds of North American English.

Through practice and repetition you will master your English pronunciation.

Additionally, we also offer a lot of Bonus Content that we will increase every month for free!

Once you purchase one of our courses, you get full access to the Bonus Content section for life!

Our content is Mobile friendly! Watch your lessons on the go!

Oh! We almost forgot! With your course purchase, you get a free workbook and worksheets to guide you through your lessons. (PDF files for outside of China)

You can access your lessons from phones or tablet!
Access your lessons from a phone or a tablet!

Fast-Phonics is For Traveling

Fast-Phonics is For Public Speaking

Fast-Phonics is For Business

Everywhere you go, when you need to speak English, your Phonics mastery will enable you to communicate clearly.

What is included with your membership?

  • All the Lessons For Your Level
  • General Pronunciation Coaching
  • Phonics Dictation Practice
  • Numbers Dictations
  • Tongue Twisters Exercises
  • Challenging Words Made Easy
  • Coaching Tips
  • And More!

This is for you

Whether you are a beginner or advanced or anywhere in between, this system will work for you. With a little dedication and studying time your pronunciation will improve tremendously.

Save thousands of dollars!

You could go to a school or a training center and spend thousands of dollars on VIP or group lessons. Why would you do that when you can learn in the comfort of your own home with our affordable simple system?


This system will provide basic teachings and higher challenges for the more advanced speakers.

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