Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find the answers to all your questions! If you have a question for us that isn’t here, please contact us.

What is Fast-Phonics?

Fast-Phonics is an online video course that teaches you how to master the sounds of the English language.

When you purchase any Fast-Phonics course, you get full access to the Bonus Content section where you will find practice phonics dictations, numbers dictations, challenging words made easy, and more!

How much does it cost?

Fast-Phonics level 1 costs 888 RMB.

Level 1 includes all the 26 basic sounds of the alphabet as well as full access to the Bonus Content section.

How can I pay for the course?

At this time, we are still in the process of installing our E-commerce system. However, you can send us an e-mail with your Wechat contact and we can accept payment through Wechat. In fact, you can currently take advantage of our limited time offer for early access!

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to improve their English pronunciation.

It doesn’t matter which country you are from. If you are learning English or are a high level who wants to sound more like a native speaker, this is the course for you.

Maybe you like to travel and would like to be understood better, maybe you are a CEO who has to speak to crowds, maybe you are a student who enjoys learning English, maybe you like to play online games and want to be understood…. There are hundreds of reasons why you would like to improve your English Mastery. In any case, this course is for you.

Don’t forget all the FREE bonus content that comes with your course purchase!

My English level is very low, is Fast-Phonics going to benefit me?

It depends. If you are currently learning English, then yes, Fast-Phonics will be very beneficial for you. It will prevent you from acquiring bad pronunciation habits by teaching you the proper sounds.

I have achieved my best results with my students by combining English lessons with Phonics lessons.

Also, people who know that their pronunciation is good are less shy about speaking English and the more you speak, the faster you learn!

My English level is very low, how can I understand your instructions?

Very easily! All our lessons are subtitled in Chinese! In the future, we will add languages to our website and at the same time translate our subtitles to those languages. So do not fear, the subtitles will allow you to clearly understand all our instructions!

How long will I have access to my course for?

You will have access to your lessons for as long as our website is live!

A lot of other online courses like to give you limited time access to their content but not us. At Fast-Phonics we believe you purchase our product and we are grateful for your support.

Not only will you have access to your lessons but also full access to our Bonus Content section!

How often will you update with new content?

We intend to add new content to the Bonus Section more then once per month.

Additionally, we intend to add a level 2 and level 3 courses in the near future as well as Fast-Phonics products.

What new content can we expect in the future?

On top of the Bonus Content section, a level 2 and level 3 courses will be created in the near future. We also intend to add specialized courses for advanced English speakers and more. 

Can I hire you as a personal Phonics Coach?

Absolutely. We offer online Phonics Coach services. Contact us for more information and our rates.

Can I resell or promote your products?

Yes! We offer generous incentives for you to resell our product. Whether you’re a school or an individual looking for some additional income, contact us for more information.

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